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Testimonial Judith, hired by OptioPay

Judith was hired by OptioPay to drive Business Development in the company. Judith interviewed, received the offer and accepted the offer, all on the same day! OptioPay is a fintech startup creating the first payment solution software for marketing payouts.

I loved the simplicity of the platform! One upload and you are done! For me Taledo was what recruiting should look like. OptioPay contacted me so fast that I was excited about how quickly it worked.

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Hired by OptioPay

Testimonial Michael, hired by LOVOO

Michael was hired as a Senior Business Strategist, by LOVOO, an app for chatting, dating and getting to know people. He shapes the strategy and course of his department "but also the company as a whole."

I wanted to have my CV in the hands of HR decision makers as quickly as possible. Taledo makes that happen so easily. I received the first invite the same day.

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Hired by LOVOO

Testimonial Erika, hired by Kiveda

Erika was hired as a Junior Marketing Manager at Kiveda, the successful startup selling kitchens online.

What was really cool that I remember about that was, going to the interview I felt a lot different than going to another interview. Because you are in a different position. They came to you. I knew it was an equal thing. So it was just about seeing if it fits. I remember not feeling any pressure at all.

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Hired by Kiveda

Testimonial Julie, hired by Bridge for Billions

Julie found Taledo at random "and was seduced by its minimalist platform and simple approach to hiring." She was hired as Head of Operations at Bridge for Billions, a crowdsourced incubator for emerging markets.

The design of the platform is great, and you get the chance to reach startup founders in just a few clicks. Human-to-human rather than candidate-to-business. This is what recruiting needed!

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Hired by Bridge for Billions

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