Who We Are

Taledo is a Berlin-based recruiting platform focusing on digital companies.

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At Taledo, we believe that true happiness and fulfillment in your life can only happen if you love the thing you spend the most time on: your job.

We want to get you hired. Being responsible for hundreds of hires in the past, we have built a profound expertise in this area. We are well aware of the daily struggle to hire top talent - both as a candidate and as a recruiter.

Thus, our aim became to facilitate the yet-so-inefficient recruiting process: A process which is key to a company's success! We put a lot of brainpower, time and effort into Taledo to ensure we connect the right candidates with the right companies at the right time.

You might already know us: Taledo is the result of two year's hard work on our earlier platforms StartupCVs and SalesCVs.

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