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October 30, 2020

3 Reasons to work at Taledo

3 Reasons to work at Taledo

Do you know the reason why exactly you are working for and choose to stay at your current employer? What motivates you to come to work every day and why did you choose to work there in the first place? Maybe it’s because of the great salary or because you live nearby and have a comfortable commute to work.

Everyone has their own perception of what is most valuable regarding their current employer. However, does an employer know what their employees find most valuable? According to the study “Employer Branding Now Report” from Universum (conducted among 1,600 marketing, HR and talent acquisition managers) only every third German company knows what their employer brand stands for. Taledo made an effort to find out what makes it special as an employer and asked its best critics, the employees.

Taledo Team

1. Team

In a competitive market, companies can no longer afford average performance, they need to excel in order to survive. So what really makes businesses great? Is it technology, modern equipment or great benefits? While all of these things are significant and contribute in their own way to a company's success, there is one important factor that turns an ordinary business into a great one - PEOPLE! According to our employees, the people and team are the most valuable asset of Taledo.

The team spirit can be felt across all departments. Taledo’s people vary between young professionals and seasoned industry veterans within a high performance culture. With people from all over the world, Taledo is a very multicultural and open-minded company. Our people are ambitious and hands-on but also know how to socialize and grow as a team.

2. Mission

In order to stay motivated and achieve a maximum potential, employees do not only need fancy laptops, massage chairs or unlimited amounts of snacks and soft drinks. Most employees nowadays are motivated by an interest in meaningful work, not just economic rewards.Taledo has set itself the task of digitizing conventional recruiting processes and thus revolutionizing an entire industry - and how it works. Taledo has already received EU funding for its innovative digital approach to recruiting. More and more companies trust in our service.

Over 1.000 companies have already chosen Taledo to solve their recruitment needs and the number of satisfied clients keeps growing every day. Taledo’s employees believe in their mission of transforming the recruitment industry. This belief is reflected in a high level of work motivation. Many of our employees chose Taledo because they wanted to work in a fast growing environment and have an impact on building something special.

3. Learning & Development

An organization's structure affects everything from internal and external communication to general operations.Effective leadership is an indispensable element in a company's development, growth and innovation. Opportunities for personal and professional development are crucial to boost employees’ motivation and a good way to grow a sustainable business. Growth gives people a sense of improvement and learning, as well as always expanding their expertise into new areas. This is a universal human need.Taledo’s employees highly value opportunities for self-fulfillment and development. Taledo stands for open and honest communication and constant self-improvement, personally and as a company. Our people experience a steep learning curve and are happy about the chances that Taledo provides in order for them to grow. In addition, our coworkers are satisfied with a trustworthy management, the right amount of autonomy and a great feedback culture.

At Taledo you have the chance to take over responsibilities and learn from each other.In conclusion Taledo’s core values as an employer are the Team, the Mission and the Opportunities for Learning and Development. You can't build a great business without having great people with great team spirit. People working in a company have to see the bigger picture and believe in the mission of the employer. Otherwise, why should people care about the future of your company? Giving people the chance to have a high input also means trusting in their abilities and making them feel essential to the overall success of the business.

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