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November 30, 2015

Amazon Is Hiring via Tinder

Amazon Is Hiring via Tinder

No longer solely the domain of risqué pictures and bad one-liners, now you might find your next job on Tinder. If anyone is interested in working at Amazon, perhaps they should jump on the dating app. As reported by Motherboard, a profile appeared on the app featuring an advert for engineers to work at Amazon.

The job ad has not been confirmed as official by Amazon, although the email address appears to check out. However, swiping right on the profile doesn’t seem to yield any results. It remains to be seen if other companies will follow suit.

Amazon Web Services job ad on Tinder app

Whether or not the job posting is real, it just goes to show that employers are increasingly looking for innovative ways to reach potential employees, knowing that today’s job seekers are both tech-literate and interested in innovation.

Image: Motherboard

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