April 1, 2021

Missing piece of the digital recruiting puzzle: find and hire office dogs and cats via Taledo's recruiting AI

Missing piece of the digital recruiting puzzle: find and hire office dogs and cats via Taledo's recruiting AI

With the last piece of the puzzle, Taledo closes a serious gap in the market: From now on, employers can find and hire office dogs and cats via the all-in-one recruiting Solution Taledo. The service is free of charge for us four-legged friends. All important functions of the recruiting process for human applicants remain intact.

Four-legged friends - an essential part of the team culture

For several years now, the start-up scene in particular has been taking advantage of one fact:

Four-legged friends contribute to a better climate in the team. We are much more than just cuddly everyday companions. In difficult situations, we are the ones who keep a cool head and unswervingly ensure a good mood. No distinctions are made within the team. All team members can benefit from our cheerful nature, get some cuddles on bad days and we are often ready for tricks as well. These are all soft skills that we constantly make available and thus significantly improve everyday office life.

What hardly anyone knows: even in HR departments, we have long been involved in personnel decisions. When recruiters have a hard time choosing the right candidate, we can rely on our razor-sharp animal intuition and show who should be hired with an unobtrusive bark.

Already in 2015, the founders of the All-in-One Solution for Talent Acquisition and Relations Taledo were aware that we take a much larger part of social life than previously thought and founded the dating platform: Tinder for mutts. The idea behind it is clear: to find matches for their furry friends, so that they too can enjoy a few romantic moments together.

Success was not long waited for: thousands of users were generated within a very short time. After a few months, Melikshah Ünver, Mengühan Ünver and Marcel Poelker turned to a new task - as befits creative minds: digital recruiting.

We continued to accompany our best friends in their daily lives, but as employees we initially still acted unnoticed and thus in the background.

Recruiting for animals: the flash of inspiration that should start a turning point

On an intense day at work, I was tirelessly motivating my master, Julius Cichon, when I noticed a change in his expression.

"As Chief Happiness Officer, Willi has been part of the management team for over two years. Suddenly, it made sense to add the animal factor to our EU-funded artificial intelligence and make the application process more intuitive for animal professionals and managers as well." It was clear to all of us that we had discovered the missing piece of the digital recruiting puzzle, so our developers didn't hesitate for a second and set about implementing it.

The result is something to be proud of: As of now, us four-legged friends can sign up for the Recruiting Solution for free. (Human) employers who have recognized the zeitgeist and want to hire animal employees can add all applicant management functions, access to the curated candidate base and job ad multiposting on a modular basis via a SaaS premium model. For multi-site companies, the service is also on par with that for human candidates. Here, Taledo offers personal support from account managers as part of Professional Services. Billing is based on flexible pricing models.

The hybrid approach of artificial intelligence, human interaction and product design is not only pursued in the matching process: During registration, the algorithm checks the resume information. In the second step, mistresses or mistresses discuss their darlings' salary expectations, soft skills and preferred work locations with Taledo's talent managers directly via the Solution using an online videoident process. This gives employers the opportunity to view differentiated skill sets and select the most appropriate ones. For example, those who need a lot of fresh air during their lunch break to regain their clarity of thought opt for passionate walkers.

The range of animal skills is immeasurable: from particularly cuddly four-legged friends to pronounced acrobats to big foodies who like to use the leftovers in the kitchen in the evening, so that order prevails again the next day, everything is there. Allergy dogs and cats are also represented in the database. The diverse range ensures that there is a perfect fit for all needs.  

Owners can finally send their pets to work with peace of mind thanks to transparent application and hiring processes, and no longer have to worry about poor working conditions. We four-legged friends finally come to the fore as active parts of the team and can play an active role in shaping everyday office life. This results in a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Happy animals - happy owners

It turns out that Taledo has hit the mark with the idea. The first users are already active and enthusiastic about the wide range of services. Taledo's founders are also satisfied:

"The candidate market is huge!" enthuses Taledo's founder and CEO, Melikshah Ünver. "Until now, the placement of office dogs was almost exclusively through personal contacts. With our combination of technology and headhunting, we offer a digital alternative to traditional and non-transparent application processes for the approximately 25 million four-legged people in the Federal Republic."

A phenomenon that has been underestimated for years is finally coming to the fore thanks to the possibility of digital recruiting for dogs and cats. All parties benefit from this fact. Employees benefit from the improved atmosphere within the team as well as from the manifold skills of us four-legged friends. Employers no longer have to rely on word-of-mouth to find suitable candidates, but can use the reliable service of Taledo Talent Managers.

Animal recruiting also offers immense relief for owners: at last they no longer have to worry about unreasonable or poorly paid working conditions for their pets.

And we four-legged friends? We get the long-awaited recognition for our achievements and can actively contribute to the success of the companies.

Taledo plans to expand the service to include other genera in the near future. In order to respond even more intensively to individual preferences, office turtles are initially being planned. With their level-headed nature, they are intended to support particularly restless employees in mastering even longer processes with the necessary composure.

Report from the perspective of Wilhelm (Willi) Iliopoulos-Cichon, Chief Happiness Officer at Taledo and user of the first hour of digital recruiting for animals.

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