Casestudy Vaha: Hiring the fittest employees digitally

Vaha - Find your flow

With Vaha (Flow in Punjabi), series founder Valerie Bönström brings fitness into the domestic living room. The smart mirror draws workout movements and provides tips and feedback on your physical shape. With more than 200 different training programs and an integrated personal trainer, your living room turns into a fitness studio.

The Challenge

After driving her fitness chain Mrs. Sporty to international success, Valerie Bönström developed in conjunction with Pixformance Software innovative products for more functional fitness. Since the launch of the new product Vaha – an elegant and interactive mirror that doubles as an at-home fitness equipment – Taledo has been a proud affiliate since December 2019.

Philipp Stegger,
Head of Growth
VAHA (etone Motion Analysis GmbH)



“Taledo has provided us with Top Talents during Vaha’s turbulent initial founding period. Their Talent and Account Managers have incorporated all of our desires and needs in their personalized support.”






Vaha has switched to the Taledo Professional – Shared Risk model since Dec. 2019 after having success using our Taledo Essential model.

Insights of Vaha

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