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May 7, 2020

Digital processes against the COVID 19 pandemic – Surviving the crisis with Taledo

Digital processes against the COVID 19 pandemic – Surviving the crisis with Taledo

The outbreak of the coronavirus, in addition to massive restrictions on public life, has completely changed the work environment. Besides system-relevant professions, entire workforces are now working from the comfort of their own homes. Anyone who has created digital process structures in good time can consider themselves lucky. We show you how you can benefit from Taledo's digital processes.

Hiring despite Corona - But digital please

The hiring of new staff during the corona pandemic raises many questions: How do job interviews or onboarding procedures work? Hiring-Freeze yes or no? Does the candidate market automatically fill up after the crisis?

Even before the pandemic, video interviews enjoyed growing popularity. In just a few months they have become almost obligatory. Online interviews offer many advantages: Accelerated selection process, less organizational effort, saved travel expenses of the applicant have a positive effect on the ecological footprint as well as on your image.

Even if a hiring freeze is proven to be an effective cost-saving measure, vacancies can have a negative impact on your sales. As a rule of thumb, a vacancy of around 80 days requires a full gross annual salary for the in question. Our vacancy cost calculator will show you exactly how to calculate your vacancy costs.

Although the number of applicants will increase in foreseeable future, the top specialists are still not applying personally, but are being placed. Furthermore, applicants appreciate a large job selection and above all efficient processes, just like our customers. They only find this on digital recruiting platforms. Proof of this is the constant number of new candidate registrations at Taledo - since the outbreak of the corona crisis.

If you would like to benefit from our digital processes and our extensive pool of candidates, please contact our sales team now.

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Job search in your home office

Although some sectors, such as tourism and hospitality, are facing major challenges, many companies are still hiring skilled workers. For example, there are currently (as of the beginning of May 2020) around 600,000 jobs publicly advertised in Germany. Of these, around 50,000 are in the nursing and healthcare sector - With Taledo Medical we have created a new approach to help nurses and doctors find their dream job with transparent recruiting processes and actively contribute to the fight against the virus.

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Experts from IT (40,000 vacancies), sales (37,000 vacancies) and marketing (29,000 vacancies) are still in demand - our talent and account managers personally help our applicants find the right job. Through the Taledo algorithm and platform, candidates receive transparent job offers with salary and title in advance. No more annoying motivation letters that have to be prepared individually for each application. Through the matching algorithm we bring applicants together with companies.

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Transformation to Remote Work

As recommended by the German government, the entire Taledo team has been in the home office since the end of March. Within one day, every employee, no matter whether they were from account management, IT team, marketing department or operations, took the entire equipment home. The management and team leaders created digital rooms for meetings and appointments. With various video chat tools, internal communication is a piece of cake - even without the physical presence of team members.

We want to make sure that we support every member of the Taledo community and every future member as much as possible. We want to enable our team, our candidates and our clients to stay safe and secure and take care of themselves and their loved ones for as long as the outbreak lasts.

Fortunately, there are a wealth of resources that can help any organization to manage the many facets of a global health crisis like this one. Below we have compiled a selection of tips and tricks for job seekers, remote working, and exciting new ways for tech teams to work:

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