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October 4, 2017

6 Fantastic Reasons to Work in Tech

6 Fantastic Reasons to Work in Tech

Tech is thriving. Unequivocally, from the booming scene in Dublin to the new kids on the block in Berlin, and from large, established organizations to small, early-stage teams, tech companies are making headlines everywhere. And best of all, there are a plethora of exciting companies in the European ecosystem that are using technology to innovate and disrupt their industries, and most of them are actively hiring! Working at a fast-paced tech company offers you a very different career trajectory to signing on with a more traditional organization, and can provide many benefits and variety to your career. We know because we’re a tech company ourselves!

Here are our top 6 reasons to work in tech:

1. It’s Not Just About Tech

While it may seem like all the tech companies are out there hiring developers by the dozen, that’s actually not the only kind of person needed at these companies. There are roles in tech for all specialties, whether it’s marketing, HR, business development, or any other position one would normally find in an organization. All of these teams are critical to the success of any business and need to work together to make a tech company successful.

2. Company Growth = Career Growth

Tech companies grow at an accelerated pace when compared to companies in non-tech spaces. The right position within a tech company means your career will grow at the same accelerated rate. You will have opportunities to learn more, faster, which can create major strides in your career. In other companies, you’d be restricted by outdated hierarchical and promotion structures.

3. Variety Is the Spice of Life

Joining an early-stage tech company will allow you — to use a hackneyed but apropos phrase — to wear many hats. You’ll be pushed to take on a wide range of responsibilities and learn skills that may, traditionally, be outside of your role, but that will be valuable in your career long-term. That additional exposure to multiple sides of the business will expand your perspective and may even lead to a new professional interest!

4. There’s Something for Everyone

‘Tech’ covers a wide range of companies, ranging from behemoths like Google to fledgling enterprises looking for co-founders, and they exist in every industry under the sun. That means you can find the combination of role and company that is interesting and right for you at that particular moment of your career.

5. Align Your Values

Tech companies tend to wear their values on their proverbial sleeve, meaning that it is easy for you to see if they align with your own. Not only that, but tech companies also work hard to make sure their values aren’t just words on the wall—the values will inform every aspect of its operations and team culture. You can be sure that everyone at the company is striving together towards common goals, which is an amazing feeling to be part of something greater.

6. Have a Real Impact

Seeing that your work has a clear and immediate impact on the company you work for, furthering its goals and creating significant change, is one of the most rewarding things you can have in a career. For the most part, tech companies, by philosophy and partially out of necessity, work on a lean model, so they don’t just want but also NEED their employees to be agile and impactful.Those are our top 6 reasons to work in tech—what are yours? Tell us in the comments below!

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