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October 16, 2016

Four Ways to Succeed in your New Job or Internship

Four Ways to Succeed in your New Job or Internship

You can’t help but notice the similarities between starting a new school year and starting a new job or internship. You wake up early, have a good breakfast and walk out the front door. The mixed bag of excitement, nervousness, confidence and uneasiness culminates into that all important first day. You have worked for years for this opportunity and have gained the confidence you need, and you’re ready to make an impact. But just in case you are still worried, here are four ways to make your new job or internship a success.

Remember to STUDY:

S = Survey your new work space.

T = Take the time to understand what you do for the company

U = Understand your coworkers: Familiarize yourself with the different people you are working alongside. Who can you go to for help? How does their position affect yours?

D = Do not make quick decisions. You are new, sometimes you don't know the situation completely and may be missing a key factor that affects your decision making.

Y = Yes, you can! Have confidence and don’t sell yourself short, remember that you are prepared and ready.

Mind the Administrative Assistants

The secretaries and receptionists at your new job or internship can offer a plethora of information. Always be polite and well mannered. Some have been working at this job for many years and know the tendencies of the C-Suite (CEO, CFO, CMO, etc.) among others. They can help you navigate through your new job or internship before you yourself can learn the tendencies of your new boss.

Keep Track of Your Accomplishments:

You start your new job or internship and begin to receive compliments about your work via emails, cards, and different recognition programs that most employers have in place. Great! Now it may seem early, but you can never be too prepared. Start a folder that includes all your accomplishments. Although you may not be thinking about your performance review on day 1, remember that all the good comments and positive feedback can be used to strengthen your cause for a raise. This can also be what differentiates you from other interns, making a case to hire you on full time.

Details. Details. Details.

Not a day goes by that I am not double checking my work or noticing the little things about my job. The importance lies in the details and if you catch on quickly, your superiors will notice. Make sure you are always on time and your appearance matches those around you. Try to pick up on the internal culture of your workplace. Never be afraid to ask questions. There’s a lot to be said about a person who stays informed and is excited to learn about the workplace more in depth.Starting a new job or internship can be a very stressful experience. But remember, you worked hard to get this opportunity, succeeded in your interview and landed the job or internship you’ve wanted. Now it is time to perform and show your boss that he or she made the right decision.

James Mitchell recently left a stressful career in finance because he wanted to find a more fulfilling career. Today, he is working as a freelance consultant. In addition to his new career, he enjoys volunteering for and finds it very rewarding to connect young people with lucrative career opportunities.

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