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August 6, 2019

Introducing Taledo Talent Eleonora

Introducing Taledo Talent Eleonora

Eleonora is an Account Manager at Taledo. She is a new member and we are very proud to have her in the team! It has been only two months and since then she already has some new and successful placements for us. She maintains an upright relationship with her clients and candidates. Along with her charming attitude, she is proving her worth in this journey ahead!  

How would you describe yourself in 3 words?

Flexible, quick and dedicated.

What does a typical day in the shoes of a recruiter look like?

I am a fresh joiner at Taledo, it’s only been 2 months since I am here, so it is still very interesting and exciting as everyday is different and not like the other one. :) Normally my day starts with a cup of coffee and checking all the incoming emails, cleaning up all the updates and information gathered overnight. After that I prefer to do my calls with candidates and clients to get the updates or to provide updates. We also always have a meeting with the AM (Account Management) team in order to discuss our daily tasks and targets.For lunch, we usually do something together with the team. It can be some homemade food we take to the park or eat in the kitchen, or just go to a nearby restaurant.

We also have a weekly AM team lunch as well as a monthly “workdate” lunch where we are randomly divided into groups with people from other departments to have lunch together.After lunch I tend to focus on sourcing, making more calls and planning my next day. We also often have some trainings or learning sessions in the afternoon. I even get opportunities to lead some of the training sessions myself, which is really great!Furthermore, Fridays are often allocated for internal agile workshops or team building events!

What skills should a recruiter have? Which of these skills can be learned and what kind of skills are naturally gifted?

A good recruiter must be friendly and truly helpful. If there is no trust and professional friendship between the recruiter and candidate, then it is incredibly hard to have any further communication with the candidate after he or she is already in touch with a client, which heavily impacts the quality of the recruitment process.I believe that some people naturally have the ability to make others like them, however, it definitely can be learned and mastered as well.

What do you look forward to when you come to work?

I love my colleagues a lot, we have a crazy, but lovely international team! Everyone here is super helpful and I am always looking forward to seeing them again. We often meet up even on weekends or go to the park after work.Also, I am a little bit of a workaholic, so when I have interesting projects and cool things to follow up with, I am super excited to get back to my desk.

What is your biggest quirk in the workplace?

I am a perfectionist! :) Everything MUST be up to date and all the reports have to be very clear and easy to read. I really want to have everything under control.

Why did you join Taledo?

I was approached by Taledo’s recruiter on LinkedIn and it was exactly the time when I was considering to have a change. After the very warm welcome and great support with all the documents and relocation aspects, I was convinced that I did the right thing.

What do you appreciate the most about Taledo?

I love the fact that everyone’s opinion matters. Everyone is ready to hear you out. Our suggestions are really taken into account and it is amazing to see how it gets implemented after some time, even when at first the idea sounds impossible or too complicated.I personally feel appreciated both by my team and our management. I also like the transparency within the company and how difficult situations are managed.

What do you consider to be your greatest achievement at Taledo?

Since I am a new member, I cannot brag about anything big that I’ve done so far. However, I did have a couple of placements in my first two months here and I was asked to handle some of the team trainings, meaning my skills and experience are valuable at Taledo.

Tell us something interesting about you.

I originally come from Ukraine, however, Germany is my 5th country I am living in. I am slowly starting to consider myself a Berliner and not planning on leaving this city anytime soon! :)In my free time I like to read, draw, go to museums or explore other countries or cities nearby.

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