July 20, 2019

Introducing Taledo Talent Marija

Introducing Taledo Talent Marija

Marija has been taking Taledo by storm since she arrived 8 months ago. She reached the requirements regarding placements and got promoted within 6 months. Record numbers for new joiners, proving her value to this company in a very short-notice. She came to Berlin looking an international environment in the city’s tech hub and has been having a blast here at Taledo. Let’s learn more about her!

What do you appreciate the most about Taledo?

I appreciate the Account Manager team the most. I am surrounded by young professionals that always give the right advice. We discuss and implement new ideas on a regular basis in the team and the best part of working at Taledo is that we can take ownership. 

What does a typical day in the shoes of a recruiter look like?

I have been working at Taledo for 8 months now, and even now every day looks different. I arrive at the office at Alexanderplatz before 9 and check my emails. Normally in the morning I do phone screenings with potential candidates, explain to them how the platform works, and try to understand their experience and ambition. This is actually my favorite part of the job because I love communicating with people and would love to help them to find their next dream job. Plus, every candidate gets their own Account Manager that is guiding them through the whole process.

How awesome is that! 

Then it is lunchtime, we either go to the park near Hackeschermarkt  go to some restaurant or do a workout in the gym.  After lunch, over the next couple of hours, I do other calls with candidates and try to match them with our clients. Before the end of the day, I go through my emails again and I catch up with candidates that are currently in process to ask for their feedback. Some of them have already found their next challenge.

…but I also attend meetups with the team, discuss new ideas, and have a Friday beer with the whole Taledo team at the end of the day.

What skills should a recruiter have?

For me, the most important thing is that a recruiter should be friendly. I try to help the candidate during the entire process. I try to be their consultant, give them tips and help them pick the right challenge.

What do you look forward to when you come to work?

Taledo has an awesome atmosphere, casual and open-minded. Super friendly colleagues, everyone makes suggestions and participates in the decision! By the way we are hiring German-speaking Account managers, if you are interested, feel free to apply and we can practice german :P

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