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February 2, 2016

Hiring Managers’ Biggest Job Interview Deal Breakers

Hiring Managers’ Biggest Job Interview Deal Breakers

A recent survey asked hiring managers what they consider “instant deal breakers”. That is, job interview mistakes that are so serious they will cost you the job right away. According to the more than 2,500 hiring managers and employers who responded to the survey, these are the five biggest no-no’s:

Now those are all pretty obvious mistakes and nothing that we would do intentionally, but it’s surprisingly easy to slip up. So, if you’re worried that you might make one of these mistakes in an interview, try out these simple tips.

1. Getting caught lying (69%)

Um, tell the truth? If you are going to lie, though, it’s probably better to stick to embellishments rather than flat-out untruths. It’s also a good idea to avoid lying about straight-forward facts that are easy to verify. Don’t invent qualifications or past jobs for yourself.

2. Answering the phone (68)

This one’s pretty easy. Just turn it off before your interview. Or even leave it at home. You don’t need it, so why run the risk?

3. Appearing arrogant (60%)

There’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, and you need to make sure you stay on the right side of it. A key way to do this is to consider your body language. Certain sitting positions can come across as arrogant, so avoid leaning back, slouching or resting your ankle on the opposite knee.

You should also avoid interrupting the interviewer. Sure, what you’ve got to say is the focus of an interview, but it’s also crucial to listen to what they have to say.

4. Dressing inappropriately (50%)

Do some research on the company before your interview. Try to figure out how its employees dress and then match that or go slightly more formal when deciding what to wear.

Check out this blog post for more detailed advice on deciding what to wear to a job interview.

5. Swearing (50%)

If you’re someone who regularly turns the air blue, it’s easy for the wrong word to slip out at the worst possible moment. Just imagine your grandma is sitting next to you and that should put a mental check on swear words. Unless your grandma swears like a sailor. Then I can’t help you.

So, potty-mouthed grandmothers aside, bearing these things in mind should be helpful to avoid the biggest job interview mistakes. Now that you’re able to avoid the “instant deal breakers”, all you have to do is offer up some “deal makers”.

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