January 20, 2022

"I'll get the most stars" - Jungle Camp celebrities in the performance check

"I'll get the most stars" - Jungle Camp celebrities in the performance check

Every year Sonja Zietlow, Dr. Bob and various Y to Z-list celebrities greet us from sunny Australia, South Africa or Hürth near Cologne. Since 2004, the so-called celebrities have been allowed to drink pig urine, eat the testicles of all kinds of animals or roll through mud and vermin in repetitive games. They are more or less successful. We measured exactly how successful they are. Or rather, which guild of Z-list celebrities are the most successful. We analysed all the seasons of "Ich bin ein Star - Holt mich hier raus! (IBES) - except for the special season "Ich bin ein Star - Die große Dschungelshow" 2021, which was too irrelevant even for us.

The results at a glance: 

Poor ratings for docu-soap actors, fashion designers and models

Magicians and casting directors received the fewest stars overall, but Vincent Raven (six stars) and casting director Rolf "Rolfe" Scheider (seven stars) were the only representatives of their professions.

The quota of docu-soap actors is considerably worse: Helena Fürst only got nine out of 37 stars.

Fashion designers such as Barbara Herzsprung and Julian F. M. Stoeckel achieved a rating of around 40 per cent. Various models, above all former contestants on Germany's Next Topmodel, had the chance to win a total of 388 stars - but only brought 161 back to the camp (quota 41.5 %). Football coaches (42%) and former professional footballers (58%) such as Thorsten Legat or Thomas Häßler were also only able to help their guilds gain a good reputation in the jungle to a limited extent.

Our analysis makes no claim to completeness - anyone who doubts it will get into trouble with Jay Khan.

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