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October 9, 2015

Most Recruiters Don’t Care About Your Cover Letter

Most Recruiters Don’t Care About Your Cover Letter

Sorry if you spent hours crafting the perfect cover letter. I'm not saying this to hurt you, but recruiters simply don't consider it important. Jobvite recently released their 2015 Recruiter Nation survey, which found that 63% of recruiters don't consider an applicant's cover letter important (tweet this stat). So what do they care about? Luckily, the study also covered what IS important to recruiters, so here are some ideas on where you should focus your effort.

Highlight your experience

It's all about experience, according to the recruiters surveyed. 87% of them rated previous job experience as an important factor.

Try to focus on the most important tasks - showcase how your skills were made.

If you're applying for a job, it's a bit late to do anything about your past experience, but what you can do is make sure you present it in the best way. Don't just list tasks on your resume but include ways in which you have made a real impact at work.

Read more on how to write a CV for startup application here.

Show you'll fit in

Beating even experience, culture fit was seen as an important factor by 88% of recruiters (tweet this stat).

Listen to the room and adapt to your interview partner - then you know how to act.

When it comes to culture fit, it's down to you to recognise and match the culture of the company you're applying to. Take your cues from the interviewer to decide how formal or laid-back you should be.

Click here for advice on what to wear to a startup interview.

Get introduced

When asked about the most effective source of quality hires, 76% of recruiters said referrals (tweet this stat).

A former co-worker or someone familiar can make a new workplace more appealing to YOU.

This has been the case for a long time and doesn't look set to change, so leverage your network wherever possible. If you know someone at the company you are applying to, mention it when you contact the recruiter.

For tips on building your network, click here.

Be social

A whopping 92% of recruiters said they use social media in the recruiting process and 56% of recruiters view it as an effective source of quality hires (tweet this stat), so make sure you are active online.

Try to keep it professional - separate accounts for private and work related stuff is a good idea.

But make sure you are doing it right. Sharing details about volunteer, professional, or social engagement work is viewed positively by 76% of recruiters. On the other hand, proofread before you post. 72% of recruiters say spelling and grammar mistakes create a negative perception.

To learn more about building an online presence that employers will love, click here.

Skip the job boards

Only 37% of respondents saw online job boards as an effective source of quality hires (tweet this stat).

Get creative - how would one look for a programmer? A Social Media Manager?

You definitely can get a job by replying to ads, but it should never be your only resource. Try using networking and social media instead.

For more details on alternative job hunt resources, click here.

Now you know what is important to recruiters, you can use that knowledge to tailor your job search and application and give yourself an edge over the competition.


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