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November 2, 2021

Reach candidates more effectively with video sourcing

Reach candidates more effectively with video sourcing

When people think of the use of (sourcing) videos in recruiting, they usually imagine career videos, job advertisements in moving images or image films. In many companies, videos are already an integral part of employer branding - but the use of videos for recruiting could go far beyond that: For an optimal candidate experience, the first contact is crucial and paves the way for further communication and possible cooperation. 

Instead of a chat message on popular career networks or an email, top recruiters are turning to personalised video messages. With the new video sourcing feature, Taledo expands the toolset of the All-in-One Recruiting Solution to add another piece to the puzzle of completing digital recruiting processes.  

Recruiters, personnel managers and HR specialists can now record personalised video messages directly via Taledo's Recruiting Solution and send them to candidates via a link - without having to book additional tools or services. The recording is made directly via the webcam of the computer. Professionals and managers who receive the link from the recruiter they trust can access the video without any problems.

Free video sourcing: Personal videos to top professionals increase recruiting success

Various studies suggest that a personalised video message increases the chances of success of the recruiting process by 70%. And rightly so. After all, recruiters take the time to record a video and address the candidate personally by name. This flatters most recipients more than opening the same text message, which has already been sent a hundred times, in the small InMail window of LinkedIn.  

The current state of technology favours the production and distribution of videos. The faster internet and the standard equipment of computers with webcams transform even a home office into a film studio. A good recruiting video is easy to produce:

Take a look at the sample video of Taledo's Team Lead HR Kaja Janiszewska to get a better "picture" ;)

Emotional and Authentic - Videos are the Future of Active Sourcing

For every sourcing video you produce and send out, stay authentic and spark positive emotions in your counterpart. Most recipients feel flattered because the sender has taken extra time to record a video. If, in addition, your own name is mentioned in the video, the release of endorphins in the recruiting process is guaranteed. People love to hear their name. 

For optimal use of video sourcing, One-to-One-Video should always be used instead of One-to-Few or One-to-Many. The variants of communication differ as follows:

One-to-One-Video: The video is aimed at a specific person. The content is tailored to the person (name is mentioned) and cannot be used to address other people.

One-to-Few-Video: In the video, a position is described without addressing a specific person. Rather, a group - for example Marketing Managers or Software Developers - is addressed. Although the content is suitable for more than one approach, it is less personal and less likely to succeed than a personal approach.

One-to-Many-Video: These are usually image films or employer branding videos. No specific group is addressed, the content is rather general - and the deviation is accordingly  large.

Sourcing videos therefore offer you an emotional and personal variant to stand out from the mass of recruiters in Germany. With a little practice and Taledo's new feature, an authentic video approach, that massively increases the chances of success, can be produced in no time.

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