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April 1, 2019

Next Level Corporate Identity: Berlin Founder gets own company logo tattooed on his neck

Next Level Corporate Identity: Berlin Founder gets own company logo tattooed on his neck

The founder and CEO of the Berlin-based recruiting solution Taledo, Melikshah Ünver, got his own company logo tattooed on his neck. Since the end of March, three lines adorne the skin between his collarbone and chin. The co-founders Marcel Poelker (CTO) and Mengühan Ünver (COO) were initially skeptical , but now intend to follow suit in mid-April.

“I carry Taledo in my heart, so why not also wear it publicly on my jugular. Plus, there’s probably no cheaper as well as more effective offline marketing tool.” explains Ünver his decision. "Others get the logo of their soccer team or a portrait of their first child inked. My baby is my company."

Additional benefits for tattooed people - These benefits get under your skin

The Berlin-based Start-up even wants to go one step further and implement a benefits package for employees who also have their skin decorated. For example, more vacation days, further training and more perks in kind. The tattoo is not intended as a free pass for poor work or regular tardiness: "At Taledo, performance is still what counts first and foremost. Even if I or one of my employees were to wear the logo on my forehead, poor performance would quickly put an end to it."

Whether the body adornment will become mandatory for middle management, however, is still debated. Founder Melikshah Ünver would prefer to go one step further and introduce an onboarding tattoo: "With my employees, I focus on loyalty in addition to performance. Anyone who makes such a drastic impact on their external appearance, I'm happy to take on as a member of my team."

But what happens if one of the tattooed employees actually leaves the company?

"People have to pay for tattoo removal themselves," Ünver explains. "After all, every employee in the recruitment business has the chance to earn high commissions."

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Founder Meliksha Ünver proudly showing the Taledo logo on his neck.

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