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September 22, 2021

Bundestag elections analysis: Employer check of the major parties

Bundestag elections analysis: Employer check of the major parties
  • Online form, e-mail and letters - applications are not uniform within the parties
  • Parties with average employer ratings
  • Conservative parties tend to rely more on job boards
  • Environment, industry, minimum wage, retirement age. This year's election campaign influences our world of work with more than just one issue.

    But how do the major parties actually perform as an employer? How up-to-date is their application process? On the occasion of the federal elections, Taledo, the All-in-One Solution for Recruiting and Talent Acquisition, checked it out.

    Note: Most of the parties didn’t respond or responded negatively to the original enquiry. Therefore, we researched again during the time period of the 20th-21st September 2021. During this period, only a limited number of posts were advertised by the investigated parties. Sources: The respective party homepage and job exchanges.

    Up-to-date but divided in the process

    In terms of application technology, the parties have arrived in the digital age. Only two of the seven parties surveyed (the CSU and the AfD) allow applications by traditional mailing. In the case of CDU as a whole, it is even expressly not desired. Four of the analysed parties (CDU, SPD, Die Grünen and FDP) allowed applicants to fill in online forms, while the others allowed applications by e-mail. However, this was not uniform even within parties themselves. Often, state party factions provided different systems than the federal parliamentary factions or other parts of the party for applicants. So there is no consistency.

    As opposed to companies in the free economy, almost all parties surveyed require a CV as well as references in addition to the cover letter. However, this can vary from job to job. In our survey from January of this year, we found that only about one third of the companies still require a cover letter.

    Review score largely rather average

    Younger workers in particular not only look at the name and function of the employer, but also more often at the reviews of the party by previous workers while they are looking for a job. The kununu portal is particularly popular here, where workers can rate the company culture of their employer.

    If we take a look at the kununu ratings of the parties, the rating of the AfD stands out. At 2.2, it is a whole point lower than that of the “die Linke” and the SPD. The two form the lower midfield with 3.3. As a comparatively young party, however, the “Alternative für Deutschland” can only boast eight ratings - all the other parties surveyed have at least ten. The FDP has the best rating: 4.2 with a proud number of 19 ratings and no office scoring below 2.5. The second best is the CSU with an overall rating of 4.0. Here, however, only 10 ratings and three offices, which can be rated, could be recorded.


    Indeed and are particularly popular

    To complete our picture, we also looked at the major job portals: Monster, Indeed, Stepstone, and LinkedIn. Those looking for jobs in a political party are particularly likely to find them on Indeed. Here we found a total of 16 offers, mostly from the CDU and AfD. On, “Bündnis 90 die Grünen” was the main party to be found, providing six of the 12 offers advertised there.

    Moderate overall picture

    With a mediocre kununu score and an application process that is not uniformly up-to-date, many parties must be relying on politically motivated applicants. Despite the often insufficient development of the German digital structure - most parties are making the leap into the digital age and are starting to rely on modern methods.

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