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September 22, 2015

People Are Looking for Jobs on the Toilet and 5 Other Recruitment Insights

People Are Looking for Jobs on the Toilet and 5 Other Recruitment Insights

Jobvite has released a study aimed at giving us a peek “inside the mind of the modern job seeker.” So, what goes on in the modern job seeker's mind? Well, here are some insights we picked out with an explanation of their significance.

STAT: 18% of people look for a job while they are on the toilet.

TAKEAWAY: Presumably, they are doing this on mobile (that, or they have a strange desktop setup), so it's important to make sure your recruitment solutions are optimised for mobile and tablet devices. Also, 47% of respondents said they looked for jobs in bed, 38% during the commute and 36% in a restaurant. This was most likely mobile-based, further underscoring the point.

STAT: 33% of 18- to 29-year-olds want to be able to apply for jobs on their mobile (compared to 3% of over 55s).

TAKEAWAY: If you are likely to be hiring people in this age bracket, think about offering this kind of functionality.

STAT: 45% of workers would consider changing jobs despite being happy at their current company.

TAKEAWAY: It's important to consider passive, as well as active, candidates. This is why direct outreach to candidates remains an effective recruiting channel.

STAT: 28% of respondents described their current job as a stepping stone.

TAKEAWAY: If you want to increase employee retention, it might be an idea to look at the growth opportunities on offer at your company.

STAT: Compensation is the most important factor when considering a new position. It was cited by 61% of respondents.

TAKEAWAY: Keep your foosball table. People want cold, hard cash. Something to consider when putting together a package aimed at enticing a new hire. The factors with the next biggest impact were location and work/life balance, with company mission coming in last. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

STAT: Nearly a third (28%) of respondents said that the amount of time it takes to complete an application is important to them when applying to a job.

TAKEAWAY: Choose a recruitment solution that is simple to use and not time-consuming for the applicant. On Taledo, for instance, you can create a profile within minutes and easily get found by companies.

These key numbers reveal some important points that all recruiters should be considering, particularly startup recruiters who are more likely to be hiring from younger age brackets.

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