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June 10, 2016

Startup Jobs in Brussels

Startup Jobs in Brussels

Brussels is known for a lot of things, chiefly among the international politics. But Brussels is not just the headquarters for major organizations such as the European Parliament or the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), but also the headquarters of some very promising startups. If you are looking for startup jobs in Brussels, there are a few places you should consider applying to. We have listed some of those here:

CentralApp - this startup recognizes the importance of having an online presence as a small local business. Many small businesses are missing out on revenue because they have not updated their information online, or have not actively promoted their business.

CentralApp changes this by giving these businesses an option to update their information centrally, which in turn updates all relevant websites where the business should be listed (like Google, Facebook, Yelp, and others). A very useful idea, and extremely beneficial to businesses who have not yet given themselves an online presence.

Here are some of the platforms CentralApp supports - imagine updating them one-by-one!

CentralApp uses

Apply to CentralApp here.

Iconic Matter - a very interesting concept, Iconic Matter gives free notepads out to students for them to take notes on. These notepads are financed by advertisements which are placed inside the notepads. Students rarely say no to free things, and the notepads can last for a while. Every time the student opens the notepad, he/she is confronted with those ads over and over again.

Apply to Iconic Matter here.

illustrio - a marketplace for illustrations that can be easily modified and customized. illustrio has a huge library of visuals which can be changed before downloaded. The library can adapt to your own colors, text and data. They also pay attention to consistent styles, so if you already purchased a visual, you can always come back and find another one which fits to your original visual.

Apply to Illustrio here.

Flexy - did you ever think you might be paying more for your electricity bill than your neighbours? Flexy (Mr. Energie) is a utilities broker focusing on electricity and gas. If you sign up for the services, the startup will analyse your electricity and gas consumption, and will search for the cheapest provider fitting your background. The startup will then transfer you to that utilities provider, and will monitor that you constantly have the cheapest option for your profile.

Apply to Flexy here.

Sagacify - Sagacify is riding on the Big Data train. They use their BI and Software Development skills to come up with valuable trends and information they pull out of their clients' data. Using algorithms and other advanced analytics tools, Sagacify can find out trends and patterns within the data that is given to them. If you love data analysis, these guys might just have your dream job!

Apply to Sagacify here.

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