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July 20, 2016

Startup Jobs in Dresden

Startup Jobs in Dresden

"Are you looking for a startup job in Dresden? Normally a very historic, picturesque city is not a place startups flock to - startups tend to settle down in large, fast-moving places like Berlin, London or Silicon Valley.

Are you looking for a startup job in Dresden?

Normally a very historic, picturesque city is not a place startups flock to - startups tend to settle down in large, fast-moving places like Berlin, London or Silicon Valley. However, living in a place like Dresden also has its merits. It is close to Berlin, so the connection to Germany's largest startup hub is there. But Berlin has many distractions - nightlife, events, movement of people.

In Dresden, the startup environment is much smaller, but allows you to focus on what's relevant for your growth. There are a couple of startups worth looking at.

Semknox - quite an interesting concept, Semknox brings semantic search to online shops. While large search engines like Google or Bing have long implemented semantic search, search within online shops is not that sophisticated yet. Semknox makes sure that your customers see all products they want to, no matter if their query has a spelling mistake in it or they are using a synonym instead of the official product name. Thus, conversion rate and user experience can both be improved, resulting in better company performance. If you are interested in search engines or like the eCommerce sector, this company should be on your list.

Apply to Semknox here!

Staffbase - very cool communication solution for companies. Staffbase is a customizable app for companies for internal communication. It works across all platforms, and has some great features. If you have company wide announcements or want to reach an employee who might not be in the office, you can do so via this app. Each company can customize their app according to their needs, and can then distribute the app among their employees (either through the app store, or privately). Among other things the employee can see emails, corporate communication, announcements, mealplans or participate in surveys, all within the app.

Apply to Staffbase here!

Cloud&Heat Technologies - Cloud computing is more and more becoming the norm. Keeping all your data stored on some cloudfarm saves your computer a lot of space, and you don't risk losing it all if your computer decides to stop working one day. Cloud&Heat Technologies is one of the many companies offering you cloud solutions. But with a twist. Servers use up a huge amount of electricity. In fact, if all cloudfarms were joined together and declared a country, they would be the fifth most-consuming country in the world.

A lot of the energy is released in heat, which is why cloudfarms tend to have very sophisticated cooling systems to keep the computers from overheating. That energy is wasted of course. Cloud&Heat Technologies captures as much of that heat as it can, and uses it to heat homes instead. The amount of CO2 that is saved through this process exceeds the amount that 520,000 (!) trees can convert in a year.

If you like the idea of an environmentally friendly cloud service, apply to Cloud&Heat Technologies here!

LOVOO - a very popular dating app. LOVOO lets you discover people around you that you can chat with. Mainly meant for dating, you can find other users in your city or area, and show interest in them and chat with them via the app. The popularity of the app comes from the fact that there are multiple functions you can use to interact. For example, you can find people who are in your immediate vicinity (via GPS).

Apply to LOVOO here!

Marktjagd - unlike Semknox, Marktjagd caters to shoppers who want to buy offline. Unless you are very lucky, you have experienced the annoyance of missing out on a great deal. You have been thinking about buying something for a while, but you never came around to it. Then your friend told you he/she was able to buy that same product on sale last week. You missed out on that deal, because you were not informed! Marktjagd aims to help you with that problem.

The website provies you with all current flyers from companies around you in online form. So if you're out dealhunting, you can immediately see what is on sale around you. Want to help fellow shoppers get some great deals?

Apply to Marktjagd here!

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