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June 9, 2016

Startup Jobs in Frankfurt

Startup Jobs in Frankfurt

Are you looking for startup jobs in Frankfurt? Although the city is mainly known for its massive airport and its banking sector, there are a bunch of exciting startups you could apply to. Unsurprisingly, a lot of the companies you’ll encounter are linked to banking or travel.

You might expect Frankfurt to have a lot of startups in Fintech, and you are right. If you are into Fintech and finance-related jobs, Frankfurt should be a city to consider when you are looking for suitable jobs.

One of these is ginmon. Ginmon uses an algorithm to invest your money intelligently by dynamic risk management (whenever your portfolio surpasses the risk you are comfortable with, your assets are reinvested to lower your risk until your portfolio falls below its risk threshold again) and anticyclic investment (as a market begins to heat up, ginmon may begin shifting assets away from this market as it becomes overvalued, and shift your funds into markets which seemingly have just left their trough).  

Apply to ginmon here.

Travel is also a topic Frankfurt is confronted with a lot, due to the huge airport of the city. A startup which took the pains of travel to its heart is Acomodeo. Describing itself as “Airbnb for business travelers”, Acomodeo offers the short- and long-term booking of professionally serviced apartments on its platform.

Apply to Acomodeo here.

Of course there are also other startups in Frankfurt that you should take into consideration.

Community Life is a young Insurtech company, aiming to provide a big of clarity in the insurance labyrinth. The typical questions and info you must provide before getting insured are simplified and the whole process is done online, as opposed to the long questionnaires you normally receive from insurance companies.

Apply to Community Life here.

App Rocket is another interesting company - they provide you with a toolbox to create your own app. For those without a coding background, the road to an own app was always roadblocked by the lack of coding knowledge. App Rocket allows you to create apps without any coding knowledge necessary.

Apply to App Rocket here.

And finally one of the most famous gaming companies in the world: Crytek.

Crytek was founded in Frankfurt, from where it became world famous thanks to some of the great games it has produced (Far Cry, anyone?). To be fair, you do not need to live in Frankfurt to work for Crytek - they’ve expanded so rapidly that they have offices in Seoul, Shanghai and Istanbul, among others. The stuff that they do is awesome.

Apply to Crytek here.

Check out their newest venture into VR:

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