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June 16, 2016

Startup Jobs in Rotterdam

Startup Jobs in Rotterdam

Rotterdam, known as the "Gateway to Europe" because of its huge port and distribution systems leading deep into the European continent, is definitely a city abuzz. With all the goods travelling through, trade is bustling and so is business. In the middle of this environment, a couple of startups have settled down and declared Rotterdam their headquarters. Here are some startups in Rotterdam you can apply to.

Sweek - Sweek wants you to read more stories. With the Sweek app, you can follow stories from well known authors, lesser known authors, and stories from aspiring authors as well. Whenever a new chapter is released, you are notified. Sweek is meant especially for people out and about, in places where there might not be a reliable internet connection all the time, so all followed stories are saved automatically in the app for offline use.

So if you are out travelling in South East Asia, as you do, and get out your phone because you're on the beach and want to relax while reading a bit, you can! Sweek aims at making reading more social and building strong communities.

If that's something you'd like to help with, you can apply to Sweek here.

Stager - these guys make ticketing much easier for you. Businesses like theaters, clubs, bars or music venues can use Stager to manage their tickets, members and sales. If you have a background in event management, you know that the whole ticketing process can be a pain, so solutions like Stager are really useful.

Apply to Stager here.

Spaceship - a very cool lead generation product. Sales people always need quality leads they can contact, and Spaceship takes that task off your hand. As a customer, you only give Spaceship an idea of who you are targeting, and they will deliver name, email, social media, company information, website and industry of the lead for you. They have already delivered over 22 million email leads to their customers!

Lead generation has always been a pain point, simply because a good lead list takes long. Using code to do it for you is far more efficient, and thus cheaper too. Spaceship helps you focus on actually making sales, rather than wasting time finding potential customers in the first place.

Apply to Spaceship here.

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