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June 9, 2016

Startup Jobs in Köln

Startup Jobs in Köln

Are you looking for some great startups to apply for jobs in Cologne (Köln in local speak)? Cologne is a great place to live, especially during Karneval. Known in Germany as a quite proud city (they have their own beer style and will defend it to the end), Cologne is the fourth-largest city in Germany. The city also is the headquarters for a lot of startups.

auxmoney - auxmoney is a FinTech startup which aims to help you get credit easily by circumventing banks. It's a P2P lending platform where borrowers can request a loan, and lenders can invest their money. The great thing is, since banks are not taking a cut of the money passing through, investors are able to see higher returns, while (creditworthy) borrowers are faced with lower interest rates.

Apply to auxmoney here.

ESL - Turtle Entertainment - one of the most exciting startups in Cologne, possibly Germany, Turtle Entertainment is the company behind the ESL, the Electronic Sports League. These guys are behind the huge eSports movement, and are all about competitive gaming. They organize most of the biggest eSports events in the world, of which the most famous are the Intel Extreme Masters - championships for Counter Strike, Starcraft 2 and League of Legends, among others.

Apply to Turtle Entertainment here.

Have a look at one of their recordings of one of their events:

Eyeo - you may have not heard of the company, you probably have heard of their product. Eyeo is the startup behind AdBlock Plus, the most popular browser extension to date. If you are tired of being bombarded with ads on the internet, these guys are continually trying to improve your web experience. Very noble, don't you think? Apply to Eyeo here.

Fond of Bags - as you might have guessed, this is a fashion company specializing in bags. Fond of Bags owns a couple of labels under which the bags are then sold, like Satch and ergobag. Contrary to many other fashion producers, Fond of Bags makes sure that no one in the supply chain is exploited. They produce their products in Vietnam, but make sure worker conditions are good.

Apply to Fond of Bags here.

Here is a short film about them and their visit to the factory in Vietnam:

FLOWFACT - a CRM tool adapted specifically for Real Estate. Interesting backstory: the company is actually quite old. The founder, Klaus Klappert, came out with the first version of FLOWFACT CRM software in 1985 - he programmed it using an Atari-PC.

Apply to FLOWFACT here.

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