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June 17, 2016

Startup Jobs in Milano

Startup Jobs in Milano

Are you looking for a startup job in Milano (Milan in the English speaking world)? If there is one thing Milan is famous for, it's fashion. Armani, Gucci, Valentino, Versace, Prada and Dolce & Gabbana are all headquartered in Milan, among many other fashion brands. But Milan has much to offer. From good food, aperitivo in Navigli, strolling through Brera or looking at famous artwork, Milan has a culture side to it as well. Apart from that, Milan is Italy's industry hub and headquarters to the major Italian corporations. With all this to offer, it is no surprise that many young entrepreneurs have decided to start their companies in Milano.

Buzzoole - have you heard of influencer marketing? Instead of showing you ads directly via AdWords or Facebook Ads, influencer marketing goes a different route. If you subscribe a famous youtuber, or follow someone famous on Instagram or SnapChat, you may have already seen influencer marketing unconsciously. Brands love being endorsed by famous people, or people who have a lot of influence over others, and are willing to pay for reviews and product placements. Buzzoole has been doing that very well, and is growing exponentially. If you're interested in working with some of the famous people you know from Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, SnapChat, etc., Buzzoole is one of the few places you can!

Apply to Buzzoole here.

ROIALTY - ROIALTY takes customer identification to a next level. They focus on real-time social profiling. In order to boost conversion and targeting, the more information you have on your customer, the better it is. And ROIALTY delivers you exactly that - information on your customers and potential customers, so that you can target your marketing campaigns much better. Even better: the startup is doing this in real-time, so that you can cater exactly the right products and push the right buttons to get your customer to buy.

Apply to ROIALTY here.

LemonB - as expected, Milano also has startups who are in the fashion industry. LemonB focuses on a young, female audience looking to find the newest, hottest brands. If you want to discover some new, quality brands, LemonB makes that easy for you.

If you like the combination of fashion and ecommerce, you can apply to LemonB here.

Satispay - a smart payment system, which makes life so much easier. You can easily send money to your phone contacts via the Satispay app, and purchase items in stores in seconds. And all of that, while being very secure. Another perk: it's free for normal users, and it's cheaper for businesses than ordinary transactions. Sounds good? Finally no one can say they would like to pay you back the money they owe you, but don't have the correct change. Now they can transfer you the exact amount, no more excuses.

Apply to Satispay here.

WalletSaver - another very useful app. Your phone data consumption likely changes over time. If you're going travelling for a while you might not need so much data, while you might need more data if you've discovered SnapChat for yourself. WalletSaver can suggest you data plans from all providers that fit your data usage best. It also incorporates the newest options from the providers of course. The app is free, and it can save you money, so there really is no downside for users.

Apply to WalletSaver here.

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