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June 16, 2016

Startup Jobs in Paris

Startup Jobs in Paris

Paris, the city of love. Home to over 2 million Parisians, the city is world famous for good food, art and romance. It is no wonder that the city is a very popular place to work in. If you are into startups, Paris can definitely accomodate you. The city has a buzzing entrepreneurial community, and you should have no problems finding startups and jobs in Paris that could interest you. Start building the next big thing while having a great view of the Eiffel tower.

Africa Internet Group - you have probably heard of Rocket Internet - the guys who take a functioning product and copy it in different countries around the world, mostly emerging economies. The Africa Internet Group is the group (partly owned by Rocket Internet) which do exactly that in Africa.

Especially countries like Nigeria are advancing rapidly when it comes to the internet, and it is no surprise that many entrepreneurs see huge business opportunities there.

The Africa Internet Group has its headquarters in Paris, but you should probably be open to relocate, as you might be requested to help teams on-site. Definitely a very exciting company though, if you're looking for adventure, look no further!

Apply to the Africa Internet Group here

Holidog - these guys solve the solution of who will take care of your pet when you go on holiday. With Holidog, you finally can easily find petsitters for your dog or cat. You can find petsitters who will take care of your pet at their home, and you can even find petsitters who will stay at your home for the duration of your holiday. And best of all: you know your pet is in good hands, because you can get to know the petsitter beforehand!

Apart from that, Holidog is expanding into further verticals: finding dog walkers, finding nannys (pet daycare) and finding dog trainers. If you have a big heart for dogs and cats, you know how much of a service Holidog provides (and how important it is to get the service done right).

Apply to Holidog here

Placeloop - Placeloop focusses on engaging your existing customers. They've dedicated themselves to coupon systems using QR codes. You can create coupons very fast, and then broadcast that coupon across the internet. Whoever wants to redeem the coupon can bring it to the Point of Sale, and then the cashier uses an app to scan the code and verify it. Fast and simple.

Apply to Placeloop here

Agorapulse - if you've ever felt that social media management is a hassle, this tool might be for you. Instead of checking every social media account on all of the different platforms, Agorapulse provides you a one-stop shop for managing all of your social media engagement.

Additionally, you get insights on which users engage the most, which of them have the most followers, and other very useful information you might want to use. Another cool feature is the possibility to run contests, quizzes and promotions. If you like social media and interacting with users, this might be your next workplace!

Apply to Agorapulse here

apidaze - these guys specialise in telecommunication. They offer everything you might need as a business when talking to customers, including interactive voice response systems, call tracking, offering local numbers to call, software for cloud based call centers.

Apply to apidaze here

Botify - Botify helps identify possible SEO opportunities directly on your website. It's a crawler which "crawls your website to increase your traffic and revenue using actionable, reliable and up-to-date data."

This startup is probably the dream of someone who is really into SEO and data analysis. Their product works from small, medium and large websites. They've even crawled a website with over 150,000,000 URLs!

Apply to Botify here.

Cobbles - a very interesting app. Cobbles is all about stories. The idea behind Cobbles is that every place has a story to tell. That park bench you are sitting on? Someone proposed to his wife there. That mountain you just climbed?

Someone stood exactly where you are right now, and wanted to share that moment. With Cobbles you can leave a message or a story, and place it at a certain location. Anyone with the app walking past that location can then see your story. It's definitely a beautiful idea, and it will be very interesting to see how the app develops.

Apply to Cobbles here

Augment - this one is super exciting. Next to virtual reality, there is augmented reality, and that is what Augment specialises in. Augment focuses on enterprise - businesses can use Augment's augmented reality solutions for a number of applications.

Useful for tradeshows, simulations, marketing, sales pitches, the solutions can be applied everywhere. Some of those are shown in the video below, which probably best explains what Augment can do. If you are looking to work in a rapidly growing market at one of the frontrunners, look no further.

Apply to Augment here

Appaloosa - you like apps but you can't decide which app you want to work for? Why not work for an app store? Nowhere else can you get so much information on what drives installs and what users want to see and buy. Appaloosa is an app store for enterprise, and helps developers build, test and deploy their app privately. And apparently, there is a market for that: 4,753,865 apps have already been deployed on Appaloosa.

Apply to Appaloosa here

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