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June 17, 2016

Startup Jobs in Stuttgart

Startup Jobs in Stuttgart

Are you looking for startup jobs in Stuttgart?

Stuttgart is a very livable place. Not only is the city very industrial (headquarters of Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Bosch, some of the biggest companies in Germany), it is also situated among vineyards - yes, vineyards - and is a very picturesque city. The environment is ideal for startups to prosper, which is why multiple have settled down in Stuttgart.

hoomn - an app that wants to be social without being a social network. Hoomn wants you to connect with your surroundings more - whether you are looking for local events, you are looking to sell something quickly or you just want to get to know people around you, hoomn let's you do that. It actually happens anonymously at first, signup is not required. Of course, when you decide to meet someone, it might be a good idea to verify who that person claims to be first.

Apply to hoomn here.

virtualQ - have you ever called a busy phone line and were fed up with waiting in the queue? VirtualQ aims at solving this problem. VirtualQ waits in line for the caller - the software keeps the line of the caller open, who does not have to wait for anyone to pick up his call. Once a customer service agent becomes free, virtualQ notifies the caller who can then return to the phone and start talking with the customer service agent.

Apply to virtualQ here.

paylax - paylax stands for pay and relax. And that is because paylax is an escrow solution. Once you pay, you can relax because your money is in good hands. Both seller and buyer have benefits using this method. The seller only ships his product once he knows that the customer has the money to pay for his purchase.

The customer does not need to worry that the product will never arrive or arrive in bad shape, because only if the product reaches its destination and is satisfactory, the money leaves escrow and is transferred to the seller. As more and more people are purchasing products online, secure payment is becoming extremely important. If your ideal startup job in Stuttgart needs to be connected to FinTech and smart payment, paylax is your best bet!

Apply to paylax here.

induux - something like social media for businesses. Instead of showing off your holiday, finding friends and chatting with old colleagues, with induux you can show off your products, find competitors or potential business partners.

Apply to induux here.

MyCouchbox - quite a fun idea what these guys have going on. Do you know that feeling in the supermarket when you are so overwhelmed with all the snacks and sweets you can buy, that you just buy the same thing you bought last time? The guys from MyCouchbox evidently did, because the idea behind their product is to give you new suggestions for snacks. You buy a monthly subscription for snack boxes, and you are not told what is put inside the box beforehand - it's always a surprise!

Apply to MyCouchbox here.

Venneos - Venneos is a high-tech company developing silicon-chip-based imaging-systems to revolutionize the analysis of biological cells. To get a clear idea of what they do exactly, you might want to check out the video below. If you are looking for a technical startup job in Stuttgart, Venneos should be high up on your list. Very exciting stuff!

Apply to Venneos here.

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