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February 21, 2017

StartupCVs becomes Taledo!

StartupCVs becomes Taledo!

StartupCVs has now been online since our founding in February 2015, and after two years, we have finally settled on a new name and business model. The name “StartupCVs” was intended to hint what we do to gain immediate recognition. It wasn’t pretty, but it was functional (Google’s first name was BackRub, and we aren’t judging). From now on, our new name will be Taledo.

We have come a long way since the beginning, launching a very basic MVP (see photo below) and testing various business models. In fact, our first platform was designed purely on Powerpoint by our cofounders and was prototyped within weeks. Nevertheless, we received tremendous feedback from clients and candidates, and even a front page feature on Producthunt. We knew we were onto something.

The word “Taledo” is a spin-off from the words talent and doing.

New name with meaning

StartupCVs’ new brand, Taledo, is the result of a new strategy, wacky brainstorming sessions, and several surveys with the help of dear confidants.

The golden “T” that comprises our logo was chosen because it has 3 successive bars angling upwards and encompasses three key elements: quality, progress and data. The new logo is representative of our core pillars, which we strive to embody in our praxis and bring to every user experience as a recruiting startup.

No longer limited and new buisness model

However, It’s not just the change of a name, but the change of a company, culture, and business model. Driven by the goal to provide the best possible services to job seekers and employers in a fluctuating economy, it was a necessity to adapt our strategy to ensure success. Taledo is different from StartupCVs in two main ways: we are no longer limited to startups, and we work on a performance-based model now.

Since our founding in 2015, we tried a few different USPs which informed the decision to expand our client base and cease free service on the employer side. This pivot in strategy stems from two years of trial and error in the heavily risk-averse German market.

Keeping old features and adding new values

The new Taledo brand and platform will contain old and new elements. It remains entirely free for candidates, and still focuses on the digital sector in the areas of Sales, Marketing, Human Resources, and Operations. Contrary to StartupCVs, will only feature top candidates, emphasizing a new approach that values quality over quantity. Furthermore, recruiters can view profiles only for a limited time, expediting the communication, interviewing, and hiring processes. Additionally, each candidate will be assigned a personal Taledo Talent Manager who will provide assistance and coaching throughout the entire hiring process.

Finally, all candidates who are hired through will receive a €500 bonus and gift box. Candidates can also refer a friend to the platform! If he or she is hired, the referee will receive a €300 bonus.

New vision with a confident goal

We have big plans for the future. Our vision is to become the largest tech-facilitated recruiting platform in Europe, but there are many obstacles to overcome before we get there. With an incredible team like ours and such loyal customers and candidates, we are confident that we are on the right track.
Taledo welcomes you to a new brand, and to a brand new user experience.

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