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October 22, 2016

8 Useful Tips For Entry Level Job Seekers You Must Know

8 Useful Tips For Entry Level Job Seekers You Must Know

The time has come to begin your career. This means finding an entry level position in your field, or with an organization that you admire. This is no easy task. You’ll have to find ways to impress potential employers, and stand out among other job seekers. The following tips should prove very useful in your job search.

1. Make a List of Skills And Experience That You Currently Have

The struggle is real. It is hard to get a job when you don’t have experience, and it’s hard to gain experience when you can’t get a job. This is why it is so important to examine your current skills and work experience to figure out, how these skills can be applied in the career you are pursuing.Here are just a few skills that tend to be universally valued among employers:

Look at job postings that interest you. Then, figure out how you are already qualified to do the job.

2. Get Connected Professional Networking Sites

Yes, you should create an account on LinkedIn. It is a great place for connecting with coworkers, friends, college instructors, etc. However, in addition to becoming active there, you might consider a few other professional networking websites as well. If you are specifically interested in working for a startup, in the technology sector, or even overseas, there are networking sites designed specifically for your needs.

3. Create a Positive And Professional Online Presence

You don’t need to be told to clean up evidence of questionable activities on your social media pages. Instead, let’s talk about the positive, proactive steps that you can make to use the internet to establish a great professional reputation. Here are few things that you can do:

4. Keep An Open Mind

You’ve just received an offer for a full time job. The only problem is that it isn’t in your field. Other issues might be:

You should turn the job down. Shouldn’t you? Maybe, but before you do take some time to think. Could that part time job lead to a full time position? Will you be learning important skills and meeting the right people, even if the job isn’t part of your planned career path? Is a long commute or lower salary worth it if it means working with a great organization?
It’s never a good idea to accept a job that you really don’t want. However, consider all of the benefits before you make a choice.

5. Invest in a Professional Resume Service

As an entry level job seeker, you need every advantage. One thing to consider is to find a top quality resumes service to help you with your resume. A professional resume writer, can help you by writing and formatting a resume that will be guaranteed to impress prospective employers. This will allow you to personally introduce yourself to hiring managers.

6. Take an Internship or Volunteer

Internships and volunteer opportunities are two great means of learning important skills, and making professional connections. Reach out to organizations in your community to find volunteer or internship openings. Another option is to approach your department head and seek out their assistance in finding a placement that works for you.

7. Use on Campus Resources

Almost every college campus has career counseling and job seeker services. Even better, if you are a current student or recent graduate, you can use these services for free. Keep in mind that there are some employers who only seek out entry level candidates through local colleges and universities. Don’t do yourself a disservice by ignoring this resource.

8. Use college career service

Nowadays, most of all college students have the same goal – to land a good job. That’s why most colleges and universities have a career service office, which provides a variety of services to help students find a job.Conclusion
The key to finding the job of your dreams, or the job that will get you one step closer is to be persistent, open minded, and resourceful. The eight tips listed here will help you to open yourself up to all of the opportunities available to you, impress hiring managers, and develop the skills and experience that you need. No matter what your niche is, once you land that first job, you will know that  you are on the right path.

__Sylvia Giltner is a writer and HR assistant. She helps people to write the perfect resume and land a desirable job. To find more about Sylvia - check her Twitter

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