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December 17, 2020

Personal touch for applications – Taledo enables video questions

Personal touch for applications – Taledo enables video questions

Taledo now offers the option of video applications for professionals and executives. Companies registered on the platform can present their first questions, company values and the workspace in a personalized video message. Applicants from the fields of Marketing, IT, Sales, Finance and Operations can respond with their own video recording. This way both companies and applicants can expand their job offers and application with a personalized touch: thus, fitting the Taledo theme of digital recruiting with a human touch.

Video applications were trending even before the Corona Crisis. They enabled applicants to put their personality at the center of their application. A study says that 45% of recruiters prefer a 90-second video for their application. Another survey among students shows that around two thirds like to create short clips for their application. Especially those gifted with strong communication skills were able to impress and convince with their soft skills. Additionally, this way applicants and recruiting managers can get a feeling for the cultural and behavioral fit even before the first interview has been scheduled.

If the current situation forces applicants and recruiting managers being to work from home and personal interviews cannot be scheduled, every step has to have a remote option. Video communication adds an additional option for the digital application process.

Screening questions via video message

As soon as a company registers a vacancy on the Taledo Solution, they get an opportunity to create a short video containing their first screening questions. The video can be filmed with just a simple webcam and should be around one to two minutes long. The video message can be sent alongside an interview inquiry or separately at a later time. The questions can be sent to applicants that applied directly for the position or to candidates imported by the Taledo TRM.

Applicants answer these questions with their own video.


New video feature- the next step to a holistic end-to-end recruiting platform

Manage, source and hire: End-to-end platforms are the way of the future when it comes to recruiting.

With the launch of Taledo’s Talent Relationship Management, Taledo can now offer a holistic solution for recruiting. No matter if recruitment managers are searching for the perfect applicants with the support of AI, posting job ads, or performing their first applicant screening via video, Taledo offers solutions for every step during the recruitment process, both for  applicants as well as recruitment personnel. Each and every single one of Taledo’s many and powerful features can be booked separately and in a modular package.

The following options and features are available:

1. Communication

Not only does the Taledo TRM offer chat features and email integration for chat windows, but also the option for video on demand. No additional tools required!

To reach a higher degree of transparency during the application process, efficient communication is indispensable. As such, it is easy to see the need for a way to purposefully exchange information with potential candidates.

2. Applicant tracking

For proper candidate management, a centralised information hub is of utmost importance, instead of having candidate information scattered across multiple social media platforms.

Taledo’s TRM offers a centralised, easy to use database. It automatically gathers all incoming applications and increases readability. It also has options to import already existing candidates. Instead of tiring and time-consuming back and forth communication with the corresponding departments, you can now invite your colleagues for collaboration to work together. For an easier application tracking you can set specific phases for your application process.

This way you can always tell in which phase exactly an applicant currently is and what actions are currently available.

3. Scheduling

Finding an open time slot can be hard enough as it is. You might already have a dedicated calendar-tool to track your available time slots. To save a lot of back and forth, Taledo TRM has a calendar feature that allows the integration of your own calendar. This makes it a lot easier to find the perfect time slot for your interview and enables you to directly schedule it from our TRM system.

4. Multiposting

When posting a vacancy, the amount of options and platforms can seem overwhelming. By using the Taledo TRM multiposting feature, you can upload your job ad on up to a 100 different free to use and premium platforms. With just a single click! Never before has digital recruiting been so easy.

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