July 21, 2016

We Know Startups: Rehman Abdur

We Know Startups: Rehman Abdur

Startups have a very particular atmosphere and working at one is entirely unlike working anywhere else. Because of what we do, we come into contact with a lot of exciting, fresh companies.

I recently spoke to Rehman Abdur, who was hired by TestObject as a Senior Sales Manager focussing on North America through Taledo. He was kind enough to give us some insights about his background and startups in general.

Tell us a little about yourself. What’s your background?

“I used to work at an IT company called Bitdefender, they are in the Anti-Virus space in Romania. It was fun but since I didn’t get any stock options, there was no major return or reward for me in the long term. I figured that would be different at a startup, so I moved to Berlin and started working at Applause for nine months.”

What made you choose TestObject?

“So many reasons. The team seems great, they are very ambitious people. The product has already defeated many competitors who have been in the business longer. The role brings a lot of independence with it.” “But the main thing is the team. It seems like a family. I have met the CEO and Head of Sales in the application process, and they are amazing people, very KPI-driven, getting-things-done kind of people.”

What do you love most about startups?

“Again, many reasons. You get the chance to shape the culture of the company. From a sales perspective - compared with Enterprise, if the product is good, you can sell much more at the beginning. You are involved with the development of the sales strategy. And you can build the sales organization within the company from the ground up, which is the most exciting thing for me.”

How did you find using Taledo?

“It is very simple to use, not rocket science. If you know what you’re looking for, you will find it on the platform. It just took a couple of minutes. I recommended the platform to a lot of my friends.”

What would be your top tip for other job seekers who want to get a job at a startup?

“I am good friends with a recruiter, and I have seen a lot of the CVs who have applied to my previous companies. There are too many bad CVs out there. Startups are looking for applicants who are dedicated, responsible, work their ass off, are problem solvers and make things happen. Adapt your CV to reflect that.”

Do you have any tips for Indian nationals on how to get a job in Europe?

“I’m not sure if this tip is for Indian nationals only, or for all nationals. It is essential for you to understand what the position entails you are applying for, to understand what you’d be doing on a daily basis. Then check your CV if it shows that you can do everything the position requires.”

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