January 22, 2019

You can make the difference: Taledo’s first Hackathon

You can make the difference: Taledo’s first Hackathon

"Great things in business are never done by one person; they're done by a team of people." This great thought of Steve Jobs reflects perfectly the spirit at Taledo. With this idea in mind, Marcel Poelker, co-founder and CTO, has organised a hackathon for the company’s IT team, which took place in our office in Berlin. In the end, the best ideas will be integrated on our Recruitment Platform. A challenging event full of fun and excitement.

Everyone has an impact

One of the advantages of working in a start-up is that you can integrate yourself to a high degree in the growth process of the enterprise. Everyone is important, which is why every company member can and needs to push the core idea of the business forward. In that way all employees, no matter from which department, can have an impact. We all are part of the development and success. The hackathon is closely related to that idea, because the Hacker Flair of the event reflects the proactive character that we all share at Taledo.

Our Chief Technical Officer wanted to achieve one main learning for the team from this event, that everyone can implement a project idea within just a night. And it worked out better than he even thought. One of the impressed techies states:

“The fact that a feature you work on a few hours can be released is incredible.”

But it was not all about learning, mostly it was to have fun and feel the vibrating energy of the start-up character. The night should be remembered as enjoyable, no matter what the outcome was. “We are a start-up, it’s not about being right all the time, it’s about trying, learning and improving”, explains Marcel in a personal interview.

Convincing ideas and unique experiences

This event is just another proof of what everyone can achieve when he has the motivation and receives the necessary support of his superiors. Our techies are really passionate and proud on what they achieved. “I am really passionate about UI Prototyping and the hackathon provided me with a perfect opportunity to learn, experiment with UI prototyping using Framer, implement it as a proof of concept and hopefully have it live within our platform”, this is just one out of several positive feedbacks that I received from my tech colleagues.

This was the first time that we had a hackathon within our company and it won’t be the last.

But most importantly: Never forget to do (or code) things you love.

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