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Active sourcing software

Active sourcing is the direct search for candidates qualified for an open position.

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Application Tracking System (ATS)

An application-tracking system or ATS is a software designed to accompany the entire recruitment process. 

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This is the average amount of money spent over a specific period of time per hire acquired. 

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CpQA is a recruiting KPI that describes the average cost of a qualified candidate during a recruitment campaign.

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End-to-End recruitment

End-to-End recruitment is a system that encompasses all relevant steps of the recruitment process.

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Executive Search

It is the targeted search for a person with a very specific skills set usually for an executive position.

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Free Job ad posting

The posting of job ads without a fee.

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Headhunting describes a more targeted and direct search for a fitting candidate.

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Multiposting is the act of publishing a job ad on multiple platforms at the same time.

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing.

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Recruiting KPIs

Recruiting KPIs are used to track the efficiency of recruitment campaigns and sources.

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Recruitment Reporting

Recruitment Reporting refers to creating reports over the actual duration of recruitment campaigns.

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Recruitment Software

Modern recruitment systems and processes are software supported.

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TRM / Recruitment CRM

Talent-Relationship-Management (TRM) and Candidate-Relationship-Management (CRM).

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Talent sourcing

Talent sourcing refers to the process of finding candidates with relevant qualifications to fill an open position.

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Tech-enabled services

A tech-enabled service is a business that uses and creates technology.

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This is the time between which a candidate applies for a position up until signing the work contract.

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Turnover describes the rate at which employees leave a company.

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