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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We get so many questions, we added all important ones to the library.

What are the benefits of a Customer Success Manager?

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Our Customer Success Team suggests suitable candidates, guides you through the functions via web demos and is your first point of contact for all questions regarding Taledo.

What is a user?

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Each of your hiring managers with access to Taledo's solution is a user. Users can search for candidates, invite them for interviews, submit assessments and much more.

What is an applicant?

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A candidate who does not have a profile on Taledo. They are not on Taledo's candidate database and have not been reviewed by Taledo's Talent Managers or Recruitment Consultants. A candidate has either been imported by you into your candidate management system at Taledo or has applied by email.

What is a Profile View?

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Profile View counts as the detailed view of a candidate profile as well as the view of the candidate's CV.

What is an active job?

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An active job is a project including a job advertisement. With an active job you can receive applications - both external applications and applications from candidates in Taledo's talent pool.

What are all the features?

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ll features include all functions of Taledo's software modules Source, Promote and Manage: access to Taledo talent pool, contact and hire candidates, publish job postings on Taledo and job boards, applicant management, video function and much more - Check Taledo's module pages for more info.

How can I reach my Customer Success Manager?

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You can reach your Customer Success Manager by phone and email. Simply book a meeting or contact the customer success team via

Does profile views include the views of “applicants” too?

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No, external applicants do not count towards your Profile Views. Only candidates you view in Taledo's candidate database (i.e. candidates who have a profile on Taledo) are counted as Profile Views. All applications that you import into your system or receive by e-mail are outside Taledo's candidate database. You can add an unlimited number of applications to your system.

Does a profile view include those of me and my team?

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Yes, no matter whether you or your team view profiles: Each profile view by you and your team is counted. The respective limit always applies to your entire hiring team.

If I view a candidate more than once, are all views counted as Profile Views?

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You and your team members can view the profile of the same candidate as often as you like. The view counts as one (1) Profile View

How does a job become no longer active?

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As soon as you deactivate your project including the job posting, it is no longer active and no longer counts as an active project.

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