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Born swabian, Melikshah Ünver is the CEO and Co-Founder of Taledo.
Management Consultant at the Boston Consulting Group, Frankfurt (from 2011 to 2012).
Head of Group Development at HitFox Group Berlin, where he managed to hire more than 250 employees.

Speaker Experience:

  • SDW Gründerforum, 10. September 2017 in Berlin

  • Startup Night, 7. September 2018 in Berlin

  • SDW Gründerforum, 21 - 23. September 2018 in Berlin

  • ESB Startup Messe, Reutlingen, 30 October 2018

  • Moderation des Bühnenprogramms (u.a. das Unternehmer- und Geschäftsführerpanel) des Online Karrieretags in Berlin, 15. November 2018