Active Sourcing

Targeted candidate search, 95% of candidates respond immediately - Become your own headhunter!

Active Sourcing
Active Sourcing

With Taledo's Active Sourcing Feature, you can transform your team into an in-house recruiting team. Access to the candidate database enables AI-powered search for candidates willing to switch career paths between IT, Sales & Marketing, and Operations. You can find the right candidate directly on Taledo, check their qualifications from the CV which can be found in their profile, and invite candidates directly for an interview using the Interview Requests feature. With Taledo's communication tools, your interactions with candidates remain centralized on one application. In addition to the chat function, you also receive email notifications.

Active Sourcing

Taledo Sourcing feature gives you exclusive access to Taledo's Talent Pool. The simple access plan which offers 25 profile views per month is free of charge and can be upgraded at any time. Turn your team into a recruiting powerhouse without having to book additional tools.

Benefits of the feature


Targeted candidate search


Matching candidates via AI


High response rate - 95 % of candidates answer

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Benefits of the feature

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