Work closely with your colleagues and hiring managers to keep track of all candidate processes.


Invite your team members to join your Hiring Team. In the free model, you can add up to four additional users. In any other model, you can add an unlimited number of users. In the team you can
positions, add and remember candidates via the shortlist function, rate candidates and interviews, and add comments and notes to processes. Through Taledo's role system, you define which team members have access to the information of specific processes. You distinguish between Admins and Basic managers.



have access to all projects and application processes
can distribute roles of Admins and Hiring Managers in the account settings.

Basic Managers:

can access the project overview on the dashboard
conduct project searches in the candidate pool
Manage interviews and application processes on the Kanban board.

Now define your roles in the Hiring Team in your account settings. Alternatively, you can also assign roles per project.

Benefits of the feature

Easy teamwork

Rate candidates

Asynchron feedback

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Benefits of the feature

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