Custom Phases

From screening to first interview to hiring: Better overview of hiring processes with customisable interview stages.

Custom Phases
Custom Phases

Taledo enables you to design your recruiting process individually according to your needs. Determine which phases make sense for your process. Maybe you want to hire candidates after the first interview. Or you may design your process similar to the internet giant Google and conduct a total of seven interviews across various departments and decision-makers. You not only decide on the phases, but also how you design the view. Taledo offers you the option of displaying the process as a Kanban board or as a table.

Custom Phases

The individual phase design offers you many possibilities. Need inspiration? For example, Taledo's HR team has organised their phases and internal recruitment process as follows:

New Applicant
Intro Call
First Interview
Second Interview
Offer(In Doubt)
To be rejected
Talent Pool

Start now and build your individual application process.

Benefits of the feature

Individual process

Clear arrangement

Efficient process

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Benefits of the feature

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