Whether it's the first or the final interview - you can move individual phases easily by drag and drop. Simple and efficient.


With the Kanban board, the respective interview processes are moved between the phases you have previously defined by dragging and dropping.
Basically, each interview is a digital card that can be clicked on with the mouse and moved around as you like by holding the mouse button. This is how you design your digital project management easily and intuitively.
A well-designed Kanban board can consolidate all the information from the different application processes and help you save time, focus fully on your tasks and achieve more.


You can define all interview phases in your Kanban Board. For example, Taledo's HR team has organised their Kanban Board and internal recruitment process as follows:

New Applicant
Intro Call
First Interview
Second Interview
(In doubt) To be rejected
Talent Pool

Start now and build your individual application process.

Benefits of the feature

easy & effcient project management

Save time

individual application process

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Benefits of the feature

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