Record Videos

Record messages directly via the Taledo Solution and send them to candidates - they can also respond via video.

Record Videos
Record Videos

Make engaging with candidates creative and easy with the Video Question Tool. With Video Questions, you can record any questions to the interviewer as a one, two or five minute video. Candidates in turn have the
have the option of responding by video as well. The processes therefore run asynchronously. Video questions have the following positive effects:

The time-to-hire, i.e. the time required for recruitment, is reduced by more than half, as telephoning, mail traffic and other administrative work are no longer necessary.
The important candidate experience, i.e. the experience that candidates have during the pre-selection process, can be predefined at a high level.

Record Videos

Recruiters value asynchronous video screening because video interviews give them a more complete picture of the candidates. It is often the case that it becomes clear in the first few minutes of the face-to-face interview that there is not much of a match between the candidate and the role. It also allows recruiters to check the candidate's communication skills.

Candidates appreciate that the process does not take weeks before they hear initial feedback. A fast and transparent process is not the norm. Candidates are also under pressure to find a suitable position. Efficiency therefore also plays a big role for candidates. Furthermore, candidates can convince through personality and soft skills.

Benefits of the feature

Reduce time-to-hire

Get a personal impression

Save time by asychronous videos

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Benefits of the feature

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