Smart Job boards

Specialised job boards in your desired industry are automatically suggested, saving you the search for suitable job boards.

Smart Job boards
Smart Job boards

Taledo's Smart jobboards help you choose the right job board for your vacancy. Are you looking for software developers? Simply select the desired industry and work location - Taledo directly suggests specialised portals such as Get-in-IT. Finding the right job board is the first challenge for employers. The German market offers specialised job boards for every field.
Especially for graduates and young professionals, job boards are the first port of call for finding jobs and sending out the first applications.
Without a doubt, the job exchange of the Federal Employment Agency has the largest market share. Stepstone is a long way behind in second place. Third place goes to ebay Kleinanzeigen.
But the market share alone does not indicate whether the job exchange also attracts the desired applicants.

Smart Job boards

With Taledo's Smart Jobboards you automatically find the right job board. All you have to do is select your project, place of work and field of expertise. Taledo's EU-award-winning artificial intelligence now searches out the right exchanges for your request in no time at all. The booking is made directly via Taledo within a few clicks. This saves time and reosurces that you can now use for interviews with applicants. The Smart Jobboards give you access to over 2000 prtoducts across Europe.

Benefits of the feature

2000+ products Europe-wide

Smart job board suggestions save time

Spend your resources on finding candidates, not job boards

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Benefits of the feature

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