Video Sourcing

Record messages directly on Taledo and send the videos as a link to potential candidates.

Video Sourcing
Video Sourcing

Reach candidates more effectively with video sourcing. Taledo's new feature helps you stand out from the crowd of recruiters. Instead of a chat message on popular career networks or an email, top recruiters are turning to personalised video messages. Just follow these simple steps to create your sourcing video with Taledo:

  • Login to Taledo's Recruiting Solution
  • Provide good lighting in a quiet environment without echoes
  • Authentically give an overview of the position
  • Record the video, copy the link and send it to potential candidates

Video Sourcing

Take a look at the sample video of Taledo's Team Lead HR Kaja Janiszewska to get a better "picture" ;) For every sourcing video you produce and send out, stay authentic and spark positive emotions in your counterpart. Most recipients feel flattered because the sender has taken extra time to record a video. If, in addition, your own name is mentioned in the video, the release of endorphins in the recruiting process is guaranteed. People love to hear their name. 

Benefits of the feature

No additional tools or services - record videos directly through Taledo

Increase the response rate of candidates by 70%

Emotional and authentic - Videos are the future of Active Sourcing

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Benefits of the feature

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