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Digital Headhunting 4.0

Contact candidates with positive response rates of above 70 %. Hire your first candidates within 8 weeks. Taledo Recruit combines human interaction with technology through artificial intelligence (EU-awarded) and is the long-overdue innovation in headhunting.


Client-driven human-machine hybrid

Taledo is the first real human-machine hybrid for sourcing and hiring digital talent. Our technology utilizes EU-awarded algorithms and provides the right candidates for your positions at the right time. The Taledo Score indicates the perfect match and learns from each interaction. Our team of highly capable and experienced headhunters works "client-driven" and always puts your needs first.


Professional modern headhunting for every company

Flexible pricing models
We acknowledge that recruiting is a unique challenge for each company and therefore offer various pricing models for your individual use case. From risk-free Pay-Per-Hire models to Flatrate Recruiting.
Responsive candidates
Send out interview requests to suitable candidates with a positive response rate of above 70 %. Generate several interviews with few simple clicks. Save time and money. Calculate your savings now.
Highest efficiency
Interview your first candidates within three weeks. Close your first hire within 8 weeks and save vacancy costs.
Full transparency
With a weekly KPI reporting and your Analytics dashboard, you will always be up-to-date about the activities of your internal and external recruiting teams. No more bad surprises.
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