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An approach to hiring SaaS sales specialists. End-to-end recruiting with all the AI tools you need from job multi posting to a personal consultant.

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Steps of recruiting success

Our guidline to finding the best people for your company. We happily assist you on every step of your journey or even take over some - whatever suits you best.

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Create an employer account to see all your progress in finding the best person for your empty position. While you are creating your profil you can even add a careerpage of your own so that potential candidates can see what you are like and why they should work for you.

Create a job ad

Who exactly are you looking for? What skills and experiences are requiered or nice to have? - Everything you usually put in a job ad only easier and faster. Bonus - you only have to do it once! See why in the next step.

Promote your job ad

The job is created, now we have to get as many people as possible to see it - your next employee is possibly among them.
With our multiposting feature, you can promote with only 1-click on a variety of promotional platforms. Why write a new job ad for every platform if you can only click once and it's done? We will never know ;)

With smart matching to success

smart matching - different Step title?

Stand out with video interviews to candidates

explain the video interview feature and reference others, maybe even link

Use our ATS to manage and track talent in interviews

shortly explain ats and the kanban board

Interview and hire candidates

explain the video interview feature and reference others, maybe even link

Candidate Highlights

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