Why our candidates love us


Why our candidates love us


How our clients benefit from Taledo


After driving her fitness chain Mrs. Sporty to international success, Valerie Bönström developed in conjunction with Pixformance Software innovative products for more functional fitness. Since the launch of the new product Vaha – an elegant and interactive mirror that doubles as an at-home fitness equipment – Taledo has been a proud affiliate since December 2019.


Direct Health Services GmbH was founded in Nov. 2018 and started with seven-digit investment. The core team needed to build up their team as quickly as possible to break into the German market. The liaison between Direct Health and Taledo initiated in Oct.
2019 and has since then successfully filled multiple key positions.

Bridge for Billions

Bridge for Billions is “a virtual incubator for entrepreneurs all around the world that don’t have access to support networks.” That is, the company provides resources and support to budding entrepreneurs to help them build a business plan. With Taledo, Brige for Billions hired their COO Julie within weeks.

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