Casestudy exploqii: Hiring cybersecurity experts with Taledo

Klaas Geller

"For our above-average growth in the future-oriented market of cybersecurity, we want to recruit only top specialists with expert knowledge. Qualified and committed employees are rare, and so we are glad that we have chosen a successful partner in Taledo to help us meet our staffing needs."

Detlev Weise
Managing Director
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Tailor-made digital formats on complex topics in the shortest time possible
exploqii is a leading provider in the conception and production of digital explanatory formats and also offers pre-produced video trainings on security and compliance topics with the exploqii library. exploqii videos are used in security awareness campaigns and for compliance education and often serve as a supplement to e-learnings and classroom training.The exploqii library has received several international awards in the last 18 months. The company recently received the “Cybersecurity Excellence Award 2018” and at the end of 2016 already the “OSPA – Outstanding Security Performance Award”.

The Challenge
Since May 2018, exploqii has been part of the global KnowBe4 organisation, one of the world’s fastest growing companies in the field of information security. In this very specialised field, experts with the necessary specialist knowledge are few and far between. In order to expand the team at the Berlin location – without its own HR and recruiting department – exploqii chose the Talent Partner model in March 2019 and has been setting up the team with Taledo ever since.

"We are glad that we have chosen a successful partner in Taledo to help us meet our staffing needs.“

Detlev Weise
Managing Director

Since March 2019, exploqii has been using Taledo Recruit to hire experts in a specific field.

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