Wellster Healthtech Group GmbH: Digital professionals for credible health care treatments

Klaas Geller

"The idea behind Wellster Healthtech Group is to become the next Johnson & Johnson – a medically inspired FMCG Company – that uses digital innovation to revolutionize and commoditize consumer goods in sustainable, credible Health-Care Treatments. We launched our men’s healthcare brand SPRING in Germany, Europe’s largest medical market, in mid-May 2019. Taledo helped expand our core team quickly and efficiently.”

Dr. Manuel Nothelfer
Founder, Wellster Healthtech Group
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Wellster Healthtech Group - Your partner for men's health
Wellster Healthtech Group is your online doctor of trust. Wellster Healthtech Group offers you telemedical services for your needs and advises patienst throughout Germany. Their credo:Discreet. Fast. Easy. Wellster Healthtech Group’s doctors are among the best medical professionals in Germany in their respective fields and have made over 30,000 patients happy within a year.

The Challenge
Wellster Healthtech Group GmbH was founded in Nov. 2018 and started with seven-digit investment. The core team needed to build up their team as quickly as possible to break into the German market.The liaison between Wellster Healthtech Group and Taledo initiated in Oct. 2019 and has since then successfully filled multiple key positions.

Taledo helped expand our core team quickly and efficiently.

Dr. Manuel Nothelfer
Founder, Wellster Healthtech Group

Wellster Healthtech Group has been using Taledo Recruit since October 2019 and continues hiring candidates to this day.

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