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Enter your preferences, such as location, preferred salary and seniority - all in under 2 minutes!

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Receive interview requests directly from recruiters with salary and title upfront. No more guessing!

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Get personal assistance before, during and even after the interview stages.

How Taledo Works

Create profile & apply

Create a free profile and let innovative companies apply to interview you. Digitally and free of charge - no cover letters required.

Smart Matching

Employers can find you through matching-AI and contact you. Receive suitable job offers based on your skills with salary up front.

Human Guidance

Taledo's Talent Managers guide you through the entire process and help you negotiate offers and prepare for interviews.

What roles can we help you with?

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Information Technology

Backend and Frontend Development, UX/UI Design, IT Infrastructure and Architecture, etc.

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Business Development, Inside and Field Sales, Customer Service, Account Management, etc.

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Operations: HR & Finance

Business Development, Inside and Field Sales, Customer Service, Account Management, etc.

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SEM, SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Branding, Influencer Marketing, etc.

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Senior Physician, Medical Specialist, Anesthesiologists, etc.

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