11 Things to Put On Your CV If You DON’T Want the Job

Your CV is the first point of contact between you and a potential employer, so it pays to get it right. Here are few things you should definitely skip over when writing your resume.

Job titles with more than a hint of illegality.nefarious-dude-cvOr ones that are unsavoury in other ways.shift-supervisor-resume-mistakeNSFW nicknames.nickname-cv-mistakeJesus is my homeboy.cv-reference-jesus-christAnd other inappropriate references.reference-mah-booAwards that have nothing to do with work.campus-cuteyEven if you’ve won a bunch of times.worlds-best-dadThis one speaks for itself.comic-sansMy Little Pony.my-little-pony-themed-resumeIncluding a link to your blog can be great but consider if it may be too personal.very-personal-blogNotes to self.note-to-self-blackBONUS TIP: How not to store your CV.bra-job-application


Sources: RedditDorkly


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