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Taledo’s innovative recruiting


Taledo was built by experts in the recruitment industry who understand that recruitment is still a people-business.


Building the perfect recruitment experience for everyone involved, from the first contact to the hire.

AI at its core

An EU-awarded matching algorithm creates the perfect matching between candidates and employers.
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"The design of the platform is great, and you get the chance to reach startup founders in just few clicks. Human-to-human rather than candidate-to-business. This is what recruiting needed!"

Julia found Taledo at random "and was seduced by its minimalist platform and simple approach to hiring". She was hired as Head of Operations at Bridge for Billions, a crowdsourced incubator for emerging markets.

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Recruitment made easier

Attract, manage, message and collaborate - everything in our All-in-One Solution for Talent Acquisition & Relations.

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Your central recruiting hub. Receive applications into your system and adjust your recruiting processes according to your needs. Manage long-lasting candidate relationships with Taledo.

Recruitment Services

Team up with our expert recruiters to help you find and hire your next team. Use our kanban board to have a complete overview of all stages in the recruitment process

Employer Success Stories of our Clients

Success Story

Casestudy Doctolib: Sales specialists for the leading e-health solution






"With Taledo we have found and developed a great partnership. Although they are external recruiting partners, they feel like a team working towards common goals. What is particularly impressive is the diligence of the Taledo staff and their reliability. I always look forward to a catch-up with Taledo, because you simply come out of the conversations with a positive feeling. "

Noémie Sichel-Dulong
Global Talent Acquisition Director
Success Story

Wellster Healthtech Group GmbH: Digital professionals for credible health care treatments





Wellster Healthtech Group GmbH: Digital professionals for credible health care treatments

"The idea behind Wellster Healthtech Group is to become the next Johnson & Johnson – a medically inspired FMCG Company – that uses digital innovation to revolutionize and commoditize consumer goods in sustainable, credible Health-Care Treatments. We launched our men’s healthcare brand SPRING in Germany, Europe’s largest medical market, in mid-May 2019. Taledo helped expand our core team quickly and efficiently.”

Dr. Manuel Nothelfer
Founder, Wellster Healthtech Group
Success Story

Casestudy exploqii: Hiring cybersecurity experts with Taledo





Casestudy exploqii: Hiring cybersecurity experts with Taledo

"For our above-average growth in the future-oriented market of cybersecurity, we want to recruit only top specialists with expert knowledge. Qualified and committed employees are rare, and so we are glad that we have chosen a successful partner in Taledo to help us meet our staffing needs."

Detlev Weise
Managing Director
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