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Backend (AI) Developer (m/f/x) - future Tech Lead!
📊 l1r1.ai Technologies with its flagship product HeyLara, is revolutionising the accounting sector for small and medium-sized enterprises. HeyLara is the first AI-based, fully conversational accounting product, offering an end-to-end administrative solution. This means businesses can finally say goodbye to the hassle of accounting and focus on what truly matters. With HeyLara, your accounting needs are managed digitally, and intelligently, and are always at your fingertips through WhatsApp, Telegram, Email, and more. Let Lara take over your accounting, so you can take care of your business.
  • You will work closely with our CTO and other engineers on our team to further develop our chatbot and automate our internal processes.
  • Your primary role will involve extending and maintaining our core product, the bookkeeping chatbot, but you will also tackle other tasks. This includes managing product deployment on AWS, setting up automations like CI/CD pipelines, communicating with stakeholders when necessary, and always pushing the status quo of our system.
  • You will also engage in proof-of-concept prototyping for innovative projects/features. For example, performing named-entity recognition with LLMs or comparing different API providers for integration into our products.
  • This position is ideal for someone looking to rapidly advance their career, evolving into a principal/lead developer. Your tasks will be varied, providing you with ample experience in a short time.
  • As our startup grows, our CTO will increasingly focus on management tasks, such as speaking with investors, establishing collaborations, hiring, and advising our C-level team on critical decisions. We are looking for someone who can support him, meaning you will take on more and more technical responsibility over time
Was du mitbringst
  • Your Mindset & Ambition Mindset and ambition are paramount, even more critical than skills.
  • While hard skills can be acquired on the job, attitude and mindset are the essential foundations for growth.
  • We seek a developer who takes full ownership and responsibility for their work, someone who is eager to advance their career, ambitious, and desires a role offering rapid growth opportunities.
  • Ownership and responsibility for the tasks you are working on are key for us and one of the most important considerations during hiring.
  • Our CTO has worked with many developers in recent years and places special emphasis on this. We don’t blame external factors when something fails - we take full ownership of the software we've built.
  • It's important to note that although we emphasize responsibility, you will obviously not be working alone. We support each other
What We Are Looking For
  • A Full-stack Developer is preferred, as we aim to identify a future lead developer who understands all our products. However, we will also consider back-end developers, as this will be the primary responsibility, especially in the initial months.
  • At least 3 years of actual working experience. If you have less, convince us!
  • Preferably someone who lives in Berlin, but we are looking all over Germany.
  • Someone who takes full ownership and responsibility for their work, is ambitious, and aspires to high goals.
  • someone who speaks fluent English and German (nice to have)
Technical SkillsMUST HAVE
  • Python
  • Basic Software Engineering skills (databases, Docker, etc.)
Optional / Can be Learned on the Job:
  • AWS DevOps/deploying our services on AWS
  • Docker
  • Stakeholder Communication
  • CI/CD and Testing Pipelines
  • Automated Testing (Selenium, Unit Tests, etc.)
Why You Should Work With Us:
  • We are an innovative startup using the latest technologies science has made available
  • Our goal is to revolutionize the bookkeeping industry with large-language models believing intelligent AI assistants will dominate the world in the coming years. This is your chance to be at the forefront of this revolution
  • Low hierarchies where every opinion counts. We strive to develop the best product possible setting aside egos. Your opinions and ideas will always be considered. We avoid irrational office politics and hierarchies
  • You will work directly with our CTO- a software engineer specializing in AI since 2017 who has built and managed an AI Software agency to automate business processes for international clients. He understands both the business and technical aspects helping you advance based on your goals
  • Less is more. Our engineering team is intentionally small and it will always remain so. WhatsApp for example was also built with a comparatively small team. We don’t believe in the need for a large team. Instead, we believe in the necessity of having efficient key individuals who love their work and take pride in what they build to deliver exceptional results continuously.
  • Remote working is the standard with an optional office day once a week and regular company events in Berlin. We meet at the office every Thursday. While you are welcome to join these sessions your attendance is not mandatory
  • Located in the "AI Campus" Berlin the city's top hub for AI startups. Though we are primarily a remote company you have the option to work there daily
  • If you're familiar with it our working style in the engineering team is inspired by Cal Newport's "Deep Work." We believe in focused "deep" work having few meetings but working asynchronously and delivering exceptional results. We support working in this manner
  • Our founding/C-Level team is composed of experienced entrepreneurs well-connected in the German startup scene. Therefore this isn't our first startup. We had several successful exits in the past
  • If you demonstrate your skills within the first 6 months we will invite you to our employee participation program. With this, you will have a direct stake in the exit proceeds